Burn This As A Light

by Tom Wuest

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The twelve songs in this collection grew out of a long season of pilgrimage from our home on Galiano Island, British Columbia to the lush river hills of Appalachian Ohio. These songs of hope, which are all rooted in the biblical narrative, grew out of particular stories of sorrow and reflect our prayerful working while watching and waiting for a God-breathed dawn to arise.
We have sung these prayers many times, both alone and with others, and we are grateful now to sing them with you. We sing for the healing of the nations, the land, and the waters of the earth. Burn this as a light. We sing for the renewal of the church. Burn this as a light. We sing for God’s peace upon the poor and oppressed, near and far. Burn this as a light. We sing for our creaturely neighbors and the creation that graces these hills. Burn this as a light.
Recording these songs as a family has been a particular joy. We are grateful for the time Isaiah and Arbutus devoted to playing music, often when they would rather have been fishing at the creek. It has been a rich gift to collaborate, once again, with Joy Banks, whose image of an underground railroad “safe house” lantern has accompanied us through these years of uprooting and re-grounding. We have also been blessed to work with our friends Kenny Havens, Peter La Grand, Calum Rees, and Jono Ryan. How good and how sweet it is.
May these songs become fuel to keep your oil lamps burning through your own dark nights. As you journey, know there is a light burning here at Isidore’s Plough, ready to receive you, fellow pilgrim on the way. What God has voiced inside you, burn this as a light.

Tom & Karen


released May 6, 2017

Mixed by Jake Merritt and Matt Latchaw — sabbathrecording@gmail.com, sabbathrecording.com — in the loft at Isidore’s Plough, February 2017.
Mastered by Chad Wahlbrink — chadwahlbrink.com —Cincinnati, Ohio, March 2017.

All songs recorded in the loft at Isidore’s Plough, Brush Creek Valley, Adams County, Ohio, January–December 2016. Tom Wuest: vocals, guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin, banjo, penny whistle, bells, claps, organ; Karen Hollenbeck Wuest: vocals, triangle; Isaiah Wuest: trumpet; Arbutus Wuest: alto saxophone, clarinet; Kenny Havens: banjo. Calum Rees recorded drums, shakers, tambourine in Calgary, Alberta; Peter La Grand recorded dobro, banjo, and vocals in Vancouver, British Columbia; Jono Ryan recorded bass in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Artwork and design by Joy Banks.

All music written and produced by Tom & Karen Wuest, Brass Trumpet Publishing (CCLI/ASCAP). Text for “God is With Us” written by Gordon Waldie. Grateful acknowledgement to Jeremy Eyre for his contributions on “When the Lord Brings us Back,” Kenneth Grahame for the title on “Wayfarers All,” and Peter La Grand for his song “Souvenir.”
Thank you to Grandview Calvary Baptist Church (Vancouver, British Columbia), Vineyard Central (Norwood, Ohio), and the many dispersed friends and communities who have formed, inspired, and continue to accompany us along the way.

Abundant gratitude to those who helped make this recording possible: Joy Banks, Janet Barr, Kenny & Marissa Havens, JoAnn Hopkins, Dawn Humphreys, Alberto & Laura Jaramillo, Peter & Kristen La Grand, Matt Latchaw, Robert & Erin Lockridge, Monica & Malcolm McKinlay, Jacob Merritt, Don & Janet McNeel, Laura McNeel, Laura Menze, Calum & Joyce Rees, Kendall Rogers, Jono & Julie Ryan, Carl & Judy Stevenson, Tim & Rosemary Toye-Klauke, Todd Warren, Chad Wahlbrink, the Harris, Hollenbeck, Rennie, Wuest & Zimmermann families, and everyone who has supported the music over the years.



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Tom Wuest Ohio

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Track Name: God Is With Us
God is With Us
Text: Gordon Waldie

God is with us, we are not alone
Christ is present here, the Spirit moves within us
Let us give thanks to God in memory and hope
Track Name: Wait On The Lord
Wait on the Lord
Psalm 27; Matthew 26:36–45

Wait on the Lord, waiting on the Lord
We will walk the way of peace
Wait on the Lord, waiting on the Lord
We will find our way
Track Name: Break Up Your Fallow Ground
Break Up Your Fallow Ground
Jeremiah 4:3

Break up your fallow ground
And sow not among thorns, my child
As the sun beats on your brow
Tend well the soil beneath your feet
When the work of day is done
Lay down your toil and rest, my child
Through the shadows of the night
God will keep watch over us
Track Name: We Trust The Story
We Trust the Story
Exodus 14:19–20; Job 14:7–9

We trust the story behind us
The beauty, hope, and love
And we’re stepping towards the future
With abiding faith in God
God is with us
A pillar through the night
We wait with senses ready
For the blossoms yet to come
Like the tender shoots on the hillside
We are reaching towards the sun
Track Name: Wayfarers All
Wayfarers All
Luke 1:20–22, 22:40–46; Acts 9:8–9; Isaiah 40:11

Show us the way home, wayfarers all, Lord
Hold us in mercy through this dark night
O God we wait on you
Gather us in, mender of everything
Bright mourning dove, rise over all of us
Track Name: Breath Of God
Breath of God
Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 61; Luke 4, 19:38

O breath of God, you stir our hearts
We’re weary with longing for you
Come raise our dead, mend every breach
We’re weary with longing for you
Blessed is the King
Who comes in the name of the Lord
Yeshua bring tidings of joy
We’re waiting with longing for you
Stand with your poor, the trodden down
We’re waiting with longing for you
Restore all things, remove the veil
We’re watching with longing for you
We take this bread, we drink this cup
We’re watching with longing for you
Track Name: When The Lord Brings Us Back
When the Lord Brings Us Back
Psalms 30, 115, 126

Gracious God bring us back
Captives of our false gods
We have eyes, yet cannot see
We have ears, yet cannot hear
Those who sow in tears
Will one day reap with joy
Restore us, O Lord
Praise God all you saints
Who plod through the dark of night
Joy comes with the dawn
When the Lord brings us back
We’ll be like those who dream
Laughter will grace our hearts
Songs will spill off our tongues
Track Name: Cause Your Face To Shine
Cause Your Face to Shine
Psalm 80

Cause your face to shine
And we will find our way
Track Name: Alleluia
Psalm 88; Matthew 2:13–23, 5:10; Amos 5; Revelation 21

Stay close, my child, through this dark night
Rest in the shadow of these wings
Hope in the Lord whose day will come
The dawn of “making all things new”
Alleluia, alleluia
All wars will cease, suffering end
Justice will roll, the Kingdom come
Love will arise, grace will uphold
Mercy will heal where the Lamb reigns
O brothers, rejoice, O sisters, rejoice
All children of God, we are all coming home
Christ is risen, all creation rejoice
Track Name: Canopy
Psalms 27:4, 91; John 1:14

May we dwell in your tent, O Lord
May we dwell in your tent, O God
Harbored by brooding wings
Held in the wide mercy
Under your canopy of love
Track Name: Sabbath Song (This Day)
Sabbath Song (This Day)
Psalm 104:15; Song of Songs 2; Matthew 26:26–30

Arise, beloved, the dawn is near
Behold the birdsong while we lie here this day
Glory of the Lord dwells in this place
In your tender eyes I see God’s face
Take my hand, loved, come out with me
Down by the river to the sycamore trees
We’ll take this bread, we’ll share this wine
And we’ll be for a while a bit closer to home
On this day
Track Name: Burn This As A Light
Burn This as a Light
Psalms 30:5, 146–150; Matthew 25:4; Revelation 22

When journeying through your dark night
Burn this as a light
Until the dawn horizon . . .
What God has voiced inside you . . .
Creation all about you . . .
The song of children laughing . . .
The sound of people singing . . .
The morning star arises . . .
Raising our joys from sorrows . . .
The tree of life bearing fruit . . .
The healing of the nations . . .
When you come to take us home
We’ll lay our oil lamps down
In the abiding light of the lamb . . .
Beside your glorified body . . .
Healed by the holy hands of love . . .